“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to purse them” - Walt Disney

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Property Pizza Analogy


Location is often referred to as your goldmine area but it’s essentially your investment area. It’s where you’ve chosen to invest your money in property. It’s your choice of location. There are many factors to consider when choosing your location, such as proximity to you, other local investments, your travel time and proximity to other resources required to make your venture a success.


What strategy will work for you? What strategy will work for your time invested, your family and your work commitments? You might be excited and want to explore them all, but not all strategies work in all locations. For example, Scotland can offer a very different investment market to England. There are many councils which view things differently but essentially executing the basics well will give you the fundamentals to move forward with assurance and purpose. 


You are only as good as your team, which in property investment includes solicitors, builders, brokers, agents and tradesmen. Your team has the ability to make the process smoother – or considerably harder. Surrounding yourself with people who see your success as their success can give you a massive push towards your end goal. Learning who to listen to and how best to allocate your budget is what we get better at as we progress. No keen cook ever walked into the kitchen and instantly became a chef. Somebody helped along the way. It could be gentle advice from a family member or the hard graft of kitchens of Pierre Koffmann.