SeaAyr Homes

Our vision is simple: to see Ayr become the best small town in Scotland. It has something for everyone. For the active, it has woods to roam, rivers to fish, hills to climb. Our rugby clubs, football clubs, tennis clubs and bowling clubs are among the best in the country. For families with young kids, it has great facilities and schools. For young professionals, it has great transport links with Glasgow and an ever-developing night scene.

Our coastline is lined with boats and our waters filled with kite surfers, wind surfers and kayakers.

Our history is well-documented; one of our young farmers turned out to be one of the finest wordsmiths of all time.

James Jeffreys

James Jeffreys

I bought my first home in 2001 and sold it in 2004 for double the price. It was on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. My first actual refurbishment consisted of sanding the floors and painting the entire flat white. I hired a painter from Glasgow Art School who used a black sponge effect to paint the Rat Pack on one of the walls. I removed the kitchen leaving only a George Foreman grill and a fridge, set up the television in the hall and let out the other two bedrooms, one to pay the mortgage and the other to pay my beer money. In 2005 I moved to Manchester and bought my second home, a fantastic rooftop apartment that was valued at the same price in 2015. I’m now well aware of the 18-year property cycle. I’m fascinated by it. Since 2015 I’ve invested in my goldmine area and will continue to reinvest in my financial future and the financial future of my children. I’ve become a enthusiastic student of the property game over the last two years and you can hear more of my story on this site.